Robs Group Logistic is involved in design, assembly and disassembly of warehouse shelving systems as well as trade in shelving elements and equipment of warehouses as well as complete warehouse shelving.

The Company conducts also the process of recycling of used warehouse shelving. The material used for this purpose is obtained as part of its main business. Operating in the B2B model, Robs Group Logistic executes over several dozen orders annually. It cooperates with the largest manufacturers of warehouse shelving and suppliers of logistic solutions in the world, including but not limited to Jungheinrich, AB Constructor, Stow Group, Bito Lagertechnik and Nordiska Lagermontage.

The Issuer's end customers include, without limitation: Amazon, Scania, H&M, Stena Line, DHL, LIDL, CONTINENTAL, VOLVO, BRING, ASTRA ZENECA, CARLSBERG or Johnson & Johnson.

The persons managing the Company's business have 20 years of experience in the industry and enjoy the customers' trust, both abroad (mainly in Sweden) and in Poland. This results in graduał building of the customer base.

The Company's business is based on its own assembly teams - employees with many years of experience. The Company designs and produces elements for all types of warehouse shelving as individual solutions for the customers in order to optimise logistic processes, warehouse transport, storage and distribution in warehousing areas.



Assembly, disassembly, re-development and maintenance services for Warehouse shelving

Assembly of warehouse shelving consists in constructing it according to the customer's order and design. The shelving is then regularly maintained by the Issuer. Disassembly and re-development are services for the existing infrastructure, involving dynamic development of the recycling process.

Recycling (reuse) services

The Company recycles the warehouse shelving for the purpose of further resale. The source of materials is a side effect of the Company's primary business, where the Issuer acquires the material during shelving disassembly and re-development.

Warehouse shelving element production service

Robs Group Logistic is also involved in production and sales of elements used in assembly of warehouse shelving. In this revenue segment, the Issuer qualifies also other commercial and

service activities.



We are a provider of quality services and goods for high-bay warehouses.